Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 7.1.21)

UPDATE 5th January, 2021 – buildings services closure

Following the announcement of a new national lockdown yesterday evening, Assist buildings based services will now be closed until further notice. All other remote services will be increased accordingly and staff will be in regular contact with all members to support their wellbeing. The situation will be reviewed by Assist managers every week in case circumstances change and numbers of infections in the region drops enough to allow some resumption of face to face services. Thank you all for your continued patience in this very difficult time.

Please email if you require any further information.

Richard Ward, Assist Trust

UPDATE 3rd January, 2021

The Assist Trust will remain closed during the week beginning 4th January 2021.

This will give managers the opportunity to assess current risks in light of Tier 4 restrictions and rising numbers of positive Coronavirus cases in the region.

Managers will be phoning individuals, families and carers during the week to discuss the situation. Please email if you have any questions in the meantime.

Risk Assessment update: 18th December, 2020

Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 18.12.20)

and the Assist Trust “Lifting the Coronavirus lockdown safe working policy” as referred to in the risk assessment:

Lifting the Coronavirus lockdown safe working Policy – Assist (1)

November 3rd 2020 update (in regards to new national lockdown, due to start on 5.11.20)

The Assist Trust is remaining open for the time being – unless guidance is received from Norfolk County Council to the contrary – with the following increased safety measures put in place:

  •  Individual Risk Assessments to be carried out for all members (or households) in higher risk brackets.
  • All members and staff to wear masks in buildings when not seated at work stations.
  • All areas within buildings to be ventilated thoroughly every hour.

See updated risk assessment for full details below:

Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 3.11.20)



Updated risk assessment reflecting new test and trace guidance (posted 1st October, 2020)

Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 1.10.20)



Updated risk assessment with Gardens procedures included (posted 10th September, 2020)

Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 8.9.20)


Letter to parents and carers, Aug 20


Updated reopening risk assessment with daily routines included (posted 23rd July, 2020)

The document linked below is the updated risk assessment document which now gives more detail on all the daily protocols we’ll be following. It also now includes the procedures that the management team will take if there is a suspected or confirmed case of Covid 19 amongst the members or staff at Assist. Please do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the content.

Assist Trust Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 23.7.20)


Rearranged opening date and updated risk assessment (posted 24th June, 2020)

We are now planning to open Assist Trust day services to a small number of members from Monday 13th July, 2020 onwards. Managers are currently talking to the people who indicated they were keen and able to come back in the first group and we are trying to offer a fair number of days to everyone in proportion to the number of days they normally attend.

We are hoping that we can gradually offer more time for more members as time goes on, depending on government advice and the availability of transport etc.

Please see our updated Covid 19 risk assessment below:

Assist Trust Covid 19 Risk Assessment (updated 24.6.20)


Postponing planned start date (posted 9th June, 2020): 

Unfortunately we are having to delay our opening date, which was planned for Monday June 22nd, 2020, as we may need to adapt and respond to further guidance from Norfolk County Council. Discussions with the Adult Social Service Department are taking place regularly, so that we can start opening sites in the near future with all safety aspects carefully considered.

Apologies for this slight change in plans but we will keep you posted!



Update from the Assist Trust regarding Corona virus – Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

Managers are currently discussing plans with individual members and their families and carers with a view to reopening some services at Assist Trust from Monday 22nd June, 2020 onwards.

During these conversations, managers will try to gain an understanding of whether members are able to attend from this time, considering any health issues that might be relevant and whether usual or alternative transport arrangements might be available, etc.

Assist Trust staff are busy cleaning and preparing all sites to provide adapted services, based on social distancing and enhanced hygiene guidelines provided by local and national government. The Assist Trust Risk Assessment being developed to help prevent the spread of Covid 19 is available below (this assessment will be developed further over the next two weeks as plans progress, so please do get in touch if you have any thoughts on how it could be enhanced, sending your messages to

Assist Trust Covid 19 Risk Assessment (1)

The following document is the Assist Trust policy on lifting the Corona virus lockdown safely and gives further details on the measures being taken to provide services as safely as possible:

Lifting the Coronavirus lockdown safe working Policy – Assist (1)


Many thanks,

Assist Trust




Update from Assist regarding Corona virus – Wednesday 18th March, 2020


In line with guidance received from Norfolk County Council today, Assist Trust day services will be closed from Thursday 18th March 2020 – until further notice


We will be trying to keep a presence in the Colegate office to help support members who are at most risk and we will respond to messages left on the phone (01603 230200) and to emails received at In case of emergencies, please phone 07786 142494




Update from Assist Trust regarding Corona virus – Midday Tuesday 17th March, 2020


The Assist Trust is remaining open for the time being, but we are assessing the situation daily and will alert all our contacts of changes to this situation in case of any of the following scenarios:

(a). Norfolk County Council advise providers to close due to ongoing concerns (current advice is to maintain “business as usual” where possible, but to continue managing risks accordingly)

(b). Infections are confirmed amongst our close contacts and we are advised to close.

(c). Significant staff shortages mean that we cannot run activities safely.

While we remain open, we are taking the following precautions to maintain good hygiene levels and suitable social distancing as far as is practically possible:

  • Members are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly. Staff members will ensure that all surfaces are cleaned with anti-bac spray after all activities and at the end of each day.
  • Assist Trust groups will no longer access public spaces or use public transport.
  • The Assist Trust cafe at the Norman Centre will be closed until further notice.
  • All work placements currently attended by Assist Trust members are closed until further notice.

We will continue to run groups that stay at Assist Trust buildings, or take place at the Gardens or in other locations that are secluded and we will make sure that members attending are reassured and given positive support in these difficult times. While the above restrictions apply, we will work hard to ensure that the experience for all members feels as normal and as good spirited as possible.

If any parents or carers are concerned about the specific health concerns of particular individuals, they may choose to keep them at home.

Many thanks for everyone’s support and understanding in these uncertain times. We will continue to keep you updated every day and please do get in touch if you have any specific questions:

Tel: 01603 230200





Monday 16th March, 2020

Everyone is concerned about the spread of Corona Virus/COVID19 and here at the Assist Trust we are very aware that we work with many people who have complex health needs and who are particularly vulnerable to infection.

For the time being we are keeping our services running but we are checking official advice regularly. If it becomes necessary to suspend our service for a period we will let you know via Social Media. We have asked all our staff and volunteers to be extra vigilant in relation to infection control and to take common-sense steps to reduce the risks to our service users.

If you are unwell, or if you are concerned about cross infection, please do not attend Assist Trust.
If you suspect that you, or someone you care for have symptoms resembling those of COVID19 the NHS is asking people with internet access to use the dedicated Service. This will take you through the same questions asked by staff at the 111 Telephone Service.

Using the Online Service for COVID19 queries is quicker than making a phone call, you will not have to wait for your call to be taken, and pressure will be eased on the 111 Telephone Service – which is stretched at present – to be available for those who do not have internet access, those who have been directed to make a phone call by using the 111 Online Service first, and those calling with non-COVID19 related health queries.

We will endeavour to provide regular updates and further information via Social Media as/when we can; if you have any concerns about our response or guidance please email us at


Assist Trust