The Assist Trust is a Norwich based charity that operates from 2 main sites:

  • Lazar House and Heath Gardens (Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 4HX)
  • 20 – 24 Colegate (NR3 1BQ – location of head office)

Depending on spaces available at any given time, members can choose one of the two sites as their base, accessing similar groups and activities from each.

While independence programmes work equally well from each site, the different bases have particular features that might suit individuals interested in attending.

Lazar House is located on Sprowston Road to the north of Norwich and is a very handsome and historic building in its own right. The main hall is quite open plan and dividers are used flexibly to suit the enormous variety of groups that take place there. The bus stop is right outside and it is close to community facilities. The other great asset of Lazar House is its proximity to Heath Gardens. This site is a 2.5 acre area of previous allotment land which has been lovingly developed over the years and is now a real jewel in the Assist Trust crown. Many members value the space and tranquillity there and facilities there now allow for cooking, woodwork, sports groups and other activities as well, of course, as gardening and various wildlife and outdoor activities.

The Colegate buildings are located close to the City centre and the number of rooms available in the main building – number 20 – allows for a wide range of activities and groups to take place simultaneously. Cooking facilities at 22-24 mean that a similar range of activities can take place as those available at Lazar House and at the Gardens. Its proximity to community facilities suits those who are able and ready to venture out more independently.