Assist encourages the members to try an internal work placement when they feel they are ready and when we think they can manage the responsibilities involved. These placements include cleaning, admin duties, helping with the tuck shop, acting as a courier between sites and dealing with recycling.

When the members have done these internal placements for a while and are proving themselves to be reliable and responsible, we ask if they would like to try an external work placement.

These placements are in a variety of different businesses including café work, stacking shelves in a supermarket, cleaning in a church and helping in shops. Job coaches are available to support the members during travel training and coaching in the workplace until they feel confident enough to do the work placement on their own.

Risk assessments and regular reviews are arranged to ensure the members and the employers continue to value the placement and find it rewarding.

Examples of current external work placements include Sainsburys, “Bicycle Links”, St. Francis Church, Beechwood Pet Shop, Dawn’s New Horizons, Notre Dame school, Forget me Not Cafe, Stranger’s Club, British Heart Foundation and many more.