The number of tenants living in Assist Trust managed accommodation now stands at 8, in a total of 6 properties around Norwich.

As landlords, managing properties on behalf of their owners, Assist supports its tenants in a variety of ways. As well as helping to maintain homes to a high standard, Assist will provide support in areas ranging from budgeting to dealing with neighbourly disputes and emotional support when things go awry.

If people require direct support in their homes (and if their personal budgets allow), they can choose from providers such as Dimensions, Allied Healthcare or Elizabeth Fitzroy Support or others, to help with things like cooking, shopping and cleaning.

Assist will always try to help anyone who has independent living needs in any way we can. Assist has some expertise within the team and, if we can’t help directly, we usually know of places and people to go to for more information and advice. In the future, Assist would like to develop its successful housing model further and be able to support many more people into accomodation in manageable and achievable ways.