Supporting Individuals of All Abilities

Members at Assist are constantly encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and to become just a little bit more independent as a result.

This can sometimes happen in big steps – when an individual is supported to learn how to travel on a bus independently for example – but we have found that the less obvious steps can happen almost every day of the week, in any group that is running at the time.

The philosophy of Assist is to constantly challenge people in a gentle and trusting way, to see what they can manage for themselves (and to not worry if things don’t go quite right the first time they try it).  Normal, everyday risks are carefully assessed and managed along the way, allowing people the chances that most of us had quite naturally as we grew up.

We are constantly surprised by the achievements of individuals who have become more confident and are taking steps that others might not have expected of them.

This can only happen with the right type of support and with the right challenges and opportunities at the right time.